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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

It's been a dreary and awful day, despite the fact it was lovely and sunny for the fifteen minutes I did step outside. Yes, I'm sick yet again. I'm lucky enough not to have a running nose, I guess, though the phlegm is awful, and I feel like I've been beaten with a lead pipe. I stayed home and pottered around with Flash and this website, though lord knows I'm so braindead with this cold, I make two errors for every one thing I get right. Still, I think I'm more comfortable with css now, and I figured out this Blog template pretty well (easy, but about all I can manage at the moment). Flash still hates me though. My portfolio page developed a very odd anomaly as I was fixing the last photo mouseover.

Matt bought a copy of Kill Bill, and I'm killing to watch it with him, but he's awful busy putting together the Danger Mouse website.

I really should get to mapping out this play I'm going to write. May be going to write. And I need to record some lines for Second Sky. And that band that wants me to play some strings for them. Gah, so much to do, so little energy. If only I weren't sick, I'd have been able to put this sick day to some good use.
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