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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It was cold this morning as I stepped out of the apartment and drove into work, but I just stepped outside, and what a change! It's so perfect out there I want to quit my job and picnic for the rest of the afternoon.

But I guess instead I'll answer as many of these complaints and queries as I can, and maybe finish the ratings spreadsheet, in the hope that my brain will develop some self discipline and allow me to continue being dilligent when I return home tonight. There is so much I need to do, including but not limited to:
  • call:

    • Mum

    • Grant (Good lord, there's no way I can do a Marlboro shift. I would pay someone $200 to give me a free evening in the next two months.

    • Mihali

    • John Miller (he's not going to be there, dammit, it's the wrong time of day)

    • Manek?

    • Anthony

  • on the violin:

    • tech work

    • Einstein on the Beach

    • recording for Second Sky

    • fiddling around with that band's CD which is in a plastic bag in the back of Matt's car

  • the play

  • this website. There is so much missing, I'm embarrassed by it. At least I managed to clean up some of the CSS today.

  • Flash. I have to get to the bottom of this LoadMovie problem. My inability to load a movie is beginning to make me lose sleep and despise myself.
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