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Monday, March 08, 2004

Melissa Dunphy Portfolio
So! I bought my own domain name, finally. It will soon be I guess it's about time I did something like this. I no longer need to be ashamed of having a crappy Geocities site. Right now, my portfolio is on there, but the plan is to learn Flash, and make myself a nice index page, which links to the portfolio, among other stuff, including this blog.

Can't wait.

I am settling into my new job at WITF. There is so much information to take in, I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but it's the first day. It will get better. And yes, this is definitely going to make better use of my brain than any rent-paying job I have worked for ... well, for at least a year. Right now, although my job title is Programming Assistant, I am learning to be a TV Traffic Co-ordinator, so I will be able to take over Jason Stoltzfus' job when he leaves in a couple of weeks, until HR finds a replacement. It seems kind of lame to me to learn a job even though I won't be in it long-term, but I'm sure I can work it to my eventual advantage.
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